Mastercopy helps us with everything from the installation of machines in our new sites to the maintenance of machines in our established offices. As with any business, printing, scanning and photocopying plays an important part in our operations, which is why we need the reliable and timely service that Mastercopy provides.

Over the last ten years we have opened 17 care homes and 10 nurseries – all of which needed printers and photocopiers to set up the offices before we welcome our first customers Mastercopy has ensured that we have had the right equipment to get started.

As our company has increased in size, we have had more complex printing needs and Mastercopy has advised on the best upgrade for us, ensuring our printing is cost effective and providing us with machines that help with all of our needs.

As our company has grown, Mastercopy has grown with us.

Rachel Todd MA – Marketing Manager HRC Group


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