To Whom it may concern.

Marlow Foods (Quorn) have seen many changes since we left Astra Zeneca in 2000 and headed out on our own.

We have always arranged our own printing solutions with suppliers and have moved from supplier to supplier always looking for “better” .

In 2016 we undertook a complete detailed tendering process to provide print services across our entire UK business and decided to involve MasterCopy as we had heard positive things from our IT services supplier.

So , we started with 6 suppliers , then 4 , then 3 , Steve Preston and his team visited us on several occasions, and we contacted a random selection of reference customers , and all looked good.

But it was more than that with Mastercopy, they were going to deliver things that we had not even thought about asking for like an annual service visit to each and every printer.

On our historic trail through several suppliers, not one of them had ever done an annual service call on a printer, only ever got a visit if there was a fault , proactivity was unheard of .

Mastercopy’s transparency in their communication with us was a major consideration over and above their ability to deliver service to our exacting requirements.

The tender process was not an easy one for the suppliers but Steve put the time in , answered calls about silly questions sometimes outside 9-5 working hours.

So Mastercopy won the tender contract .

But it gets better…

SO we have a new supplier , will they do what they said they would when we signed that contract ? , YES and More.

  • Setup new printers , reprogram them to fully working state on our networks, remove and dispose of old printers.
  • Monthly service uptime reports,
  • Stats on printer usage,
  • Prompt helpline,
  • Engineers to site across our geographically challenging UK sites,
  • Engineers who demonstrate a high level of skill on our printers, compared to some of our previous suppliers its a different world.

Service has been outstanding, and we are in a much better place to where we were at the beginning of 2016.

We are also talking to Steve about MasterFow, we have a massive Document Archiving system, and Steve & Team have spent a great deal of time with us to understand what our specific requirements are (we are an odd finicky bunch) , I have a positive feeling this also will become a relationship, and we will have arrived at a full comprehensive document management solution one stop shop.

Do I rave on about Mastercopy , yes because these guys are personable, no hard sell and act in a transparent manner , there is a phrase called “Trusted Advisor” that is where Mastercopy are with us inside our first year.

Kind Regards

Fred Holmes
IT Manager


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