Mastercopy have supplied copiers and FAX services to TBI LLP for over 16 years. At the outset they shared the supply with another provider, however, it quickly became apparent that not only would a single provider be beneficial but also that there was such a dramatic difference in the customer service level delivered by both firms that choosing Mastercopy as the single provider was an easy decision to make.

We now have a total of 11 colour copiers, most with FAX facilities and one large plan copier, these are spread across our 4 offices. Most of the copiers are multifunction, supporting scanning to email, print from desktop, resulting in a noticeable increase in productivity across the firm.

In our history together we have never had any complaints and cannot fault any aspect of the service delivery from customer reception, problem reporting, billing, engineering staff, etc. In fact we were so confident of receiving a first class service that we have in the last year added 29 fully managed printers to the contract.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mastercopy to anyone, we regularly carry out service reviews and it is a testament to our satisfaction with Mastercopy service, that we have never had to consider moving to a different supplier.

We often turn callers away with claims of better customer service, response times, etc. however, experience would suggest that Mastercopy will be very difficult to beat in all of these respects. As a firm reliant on this technology we need to know that whatever happens Mastercopy will always have our best interests at heart and that we will always receive the best possible service level.


Ray Skinner
Head of IT


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