Whitby Seafoods

Whitby Seafoods Group have been dealing with Mastercopy for in excess of 20 years.  During this time, we have come to rely on prompt, efficient, professional and friendly service.  Mastercopy have been able to scale the services they provide to Whitby Seafoods, to match the growth in our business.  Mastercopy exclusively provide “all in” print, scan and copy solutions across our multiple sites in the UK, all a competitive price point.


A recent development that has been of real benefit to our business was the introduction of the “Power Retrieve” package, which has revolutionised the way we warehouse our data.  Prior to the introduction of this package, we had to archive our paper records and create unproductive warehousing space.  “Power Retrieve” allowed us to free up a vast amount of space, and saved time previously spent manually retrieving data, through desktop search tools.  The product is supported by a knowledgeable and approachable technical team.


I can concentrate on my other functions within the business knowing I do not need to worry about document management and all the technology surrounding it, as I know Mastercopy have taken care of it.


Mark Teasdale

Financial Controller


April 25, 2018