Lacking space in your office, or working from home? If so, try out the P-C2650DW A4 colour printer. The most noticeable thing about this printer is that you don’t notice it – you don’t really hear or see it.

Thanks to its small dimensions, low-noise construction and Wi-Fi-capability, the printer can be easily integrated almost anywhere.

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Digital A4 colour printer

Are professional colour prints essential for your work? And is it just as important that your printer doesn’t take up too much space at your workplace? Do you also need your printer to be able to adapt extremely flexibly to your existing infrastructure? If so, the P-C2650DW is the perfect choice. Thanks to its small size, this compact colour printer is perfectly suited for all workplaces. Integrating the printer into your LAN or WLAN is quick and easy. Afterwards, it’s available to all users and can start working immediately. And when you find your first high-resolution printouts in your output tray, your delight at the high level of capability and performance will only increase.

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