Introducing Masterflow – document chaos: solved

Make your business more productive with Masterflow. With our unified platform, you can manage all of your business documentation and content meaning you’ll hit deadlines, run productive meetings, and keep track of everything.

Why Masterflow?

Through years of working with a vast range of companies, we’ve been given a unique insight into problems faced by businesses on a regular basis. Up until now, one of these problems was the complete lack of an efficient document management system. Most available solutions are labour intensive, and offer poor irretrievability of documents, meaning that businesses will spend time, money and effort on something that can now be done so much quicker.

If your company is still inundated with physical copies of regulated documents, then it might be time to consider a switch to a reliable electronic document management system such as Masterflow. With this software, you’ll benefit in a number of ways. Not only is it cost-effective, saving you a huge amount on both paper and the physical office space to store it all, but it means you have a strong backup option in place, making it easier for you to retrieve the files that you need quickly.

The efficiency of Masterflow will also strengthen in-house productivity as employees no longer need to worry about the laborious task of searching for documents. At the same time, the software will allow for traceable audit controls and help to prevent unauthorised access to confidential files, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Feature by feature


  • Access documents with nothing more than a modern web browser on any platform
  • Fully supported without the need for plugins or additional setup
  • Powerful OCR technology automatically scans content and text for the search engine to auto index


  • A smart yet simple interface that allows for customizable dashboards and layout
  • Preview over 150 document types and see the document content when stored in a folder
  • A simple, fast and accurate search engine allows you to access the content you need quickly and efficiently
  • Share documents without the need to download and attach the documents to an email
  • Users can collaborate on document creation and the processing of documents through an existing business workflow


  • Fully granular user permissions system provides access to only the document or content that you choose, giving you complete peace of mind
  • Full audit trail of document access and modification so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all user access is recorded if ever required
  • Documents stored in PDFA format so you can be certain they are stored safely for years to come

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