Today over 87 percent of business applications are web-based, yet only two percent of firms use web technology for document scanning, which begs the question, “why?”

All businesses create and receive a whole range of documents both electronic and paper based from presentations, invoices, quotes, contracts, business notes to letters and more, now add all of the different versions and formats of electronic documents and the list is endless, but not everyone knows where or how to store these documents, and they can very easily get misplaced, misfiled or lost, making them hard or impossible to find when you need then the most.

Due to many years of working with a vast range of companies for there printing and document management needs this has given us the unique insight into the problems and achieving problems facing businesses when it comes to managing there documents efficiently. Most packages available and in-house structures have vast short comings. Many are using labour intensive and offer poor retrievability of documents and complex client installations. We have created Masterflow, the next generation, out of the box – document management and achieving platform. Utilising best of the best powerful open source software used by internet giants such as Google and Twitter. So rest assured in the knowledge that by using Masterflow ‘finding the needle in the hay stack’ scenario is now a given, anytime anywhere.


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